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The Boulevard of Men

The Boulevard of Men is a video work about the horses at the horse market in Paris and how the French animal painter Rosa Bonheur portrays them in the painting The Horse Fair (1852-1855). The video imagines the experiences of the horses sold and slaughtered but also the ordeal and realities of Bonheur when portraying them. What have the non-human animals that Bonheur portrays in common with the artist? What are their shared experiences of not being in power?

For viewing of the entire video, length 8:25 min, please get in touch for password and link.

The Boulevard of Men was produced in relation to the exhibition The Tyrant and the Muse and was shown together with the sculpture titled Tails. The two works can now be found in the collection of Malmö Art Museum.

Below you can find some of the images shown in the video as well as some video stills and text excerpts.

There are no open hands in this painting.
Clenched fist around reins
Clenched fist around whips
Fists forcing the bit into my mouth
Fists holding the headset in place
Clenched fist around the reins 
Clenched fist around the whips
Hands grinding pigment 
Hands holding the brush
Fist steering
Fist pushing
Hands locking the cage 
Hands layering the paint 
Hands dark of charcoal 
There are no open hands in this painting 

A special thanks to Julius Dahlström for editing and sound.