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The Artist Named Me Nero at the Arten Festival

I am honoured to show the video The Artist Named Me Nero at the Arten Festival at the animal sanctuary Hof Narr. Get your tickets at Hof Narr and attend the first ever interdisciplinary interspecies art festival that brings people, animals, plants and art forms together.

In the words of the organisers:
The Species Festival at the Narr farm brings together people and other animal species in a place of peaceful coexistence for a unique art experience: literature in the pigsty, music in the chicken garden, dancing with the sheep and theatrical monologues on the dung heap.

During the cross-species and cross-disciplinary festival weekend on July 6th and 7th, 2024, art will take place in a variety of places on the farm – with, for or alongside the animals present, between the fruit trees or in the permaculture vegetable garden.

The audience is invited to come to the farm for a day or two, meet the animals and works of art, spend time together, think together about what it means to be a human*animal and how a sustainable future can come from agriculture to cultural creation.

The Arten Festival, curated by Daniel Hellmann and Lisa Letnansky, is intended to be a special weekend where playful creativity, emotions, humor and beauty can be used to experience that a future of respectful coexistence and togetherness is possible. 

Soya the Cow (Daniel Hellman)

Arten Festival
6-7 July
Hof Narr, CH

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