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Resistance Within the Museum Fauna

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Resistance within the Museum Fauna

Author: EvaMarie Lindahl
Publisher: Aska Förlag
Language: English

Published: 2023-02-25
ISBN: 978-91-89399-14-3

Hardcover: 156 pages – 78 colour pages, printed fold out, colour poster
Weight: 836 gram
Size: 27 cm x 21 cm x 2 cm
Text: Claire Parkinson, Amelie Björck, Brett Mills, Alex Lockwood and EvaMarie Lindahl
Cover: Alexandra Falagara
Form: Jakob Kaae
Copy editing: Henrik Dahl

Resistance within the Museum Fauna is a book that brings the portrayed non-human animals that populate the walls of the art museum to life. Through text-based artworks, drawings, posters and collages art history is examined from the animals perspective. What sort of histories can we hear through the cracks of the varnish, if we listen carefully? What are the consequences of being studied by an artist?

For the book Claire Parkinson write about anthropomorphism, and Brett Mills and Alex Lockwood write about the consequences artistic and visual work can have on non-human animals. It also contains a conversation between Amelie Björck and EvaMarie Lindahl about how in their respective practices they are critical of the use of non-human animals in visual and artistic work.

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