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Giraffoperiscopic Investigations

Giraffoperiscopic Investigations (2015) is a series of workshops held in relation to the exhibition We Are Reflected In Gazes Of Glass at Malmö Castle and is a part of the larger project How Do You See? During the workshop children build periscopes through which they can experience the stuffed and exhibited animals. Throughout the workshop a non-anthropocentric viewpoint is held, where the focus is on the experiences of different non-human animals and their life stories. Questions such as how and why the animals got here and how different animals, if visiting, could experience the same exhibition is asked.

The children are also leaving suggestions of names that could be given to Malmö’s famous giraffe who has belonged to, and been on display at, Malmö Museum for over eight decades. The question is though: Can one name an animal that has been killed and capitalized by an institution without turning them into an even stronger brand and commodity?

Giraffoperiscopic Investigations was made in collaboration with Konstfrämjandet Skåne, Bästa Biennalen and Malmö Museer.

The project How Do You See? consists of three different chapters:
Slit, Scratch, Stuff, Stitch -an exhibition at Galleri S:t Gertrud
We are Reflected in Gazes of Glass -an exhibition at Malmö Castle
Giraffoperiscopic Investigations -a series of workshops at Malmö Castle